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Pain Management

Woman in pain with her hands on her head.Even when you stay on top of regular dental cleanings, tooth pain, gum pain, jaw pain, and other types of mouth pain can make it difficult to participate in daily activities.

What Causes Mouth Pain?

There are several dental problems that can cause mouth pain.


Cavities are decayed areas in the teeth, often caused by a combination of bacteria, food particles, acid, and poor oral hygiene. If left untreated, cavities can cause tooth infections and gum infections, potentially leading to impacted nerves. Our dentists can help with your cavity pain by placing a filling, which will protect the decayed area and prevent further decay.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a medical condition caused by a buildup of plaque, which in turn is often caused by smoking or poor oral hygiene. This buildup of plaque can lead to gum pain and inflammation. Our dentists can treat gum disease with professional cleanings and by providing guidance on oral care practices.

Impacted and Abscessed Teeth

Impacted teeth occur when a tooth does not emerge properly, causing pain. An abscessed tooth is a result of infection and causes a buildup of pus. Our dentists can address impacted teeth by extracting or repositioning them. We can treat abscessed teeth with drainage, root canal therapy, or extraction. This relieves pain and prevents the risk factors related to tooth abscesses and diseased gum tissues.

Jaw Pain from Teeth Grinding

Jaw pain, often caused by teeth grinding, can lead to wear and tear and muscle discomfort. Our dentists can help by prescribing a custom mouthguard to prevent teeth grinding, avoid trouble with improper bite, and alleviate pressure on the jaw joint.

Temporomandibular Disorders (TMDs)

TMDs are a family of jaw disorders that involve the dysfunction of the jaw joint and the surrounding muscles. They can cause pain and difficulty moving the jaw. Our dentists can help you manage TMDs through exercises and lifestyle changes.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep disorders such as sleep apnea can cause snoring and interrupted breathing during sleep. Our dentists can provide oral appliances that reposition the jaw and tongue to improve airflow. This reduces sleep disturbances and promotes better overall health.

Headaches and Neck Aches

Chronic headaches and neck aches can be linked to dental issues like teeth grinding or jaw misalignment. Our dentists can address these problems with custom mouthguards, orthodontic treatments, or other interventions to alleviate strain on the muscles and joints.

At Ames Family Dental, we can help with the root cause of your mouth pain. Our team of dentists and hygienists is here to provide dental treatment for pain relief. Contact us today for information on dental cleanings, dental fillings, pain management, and more.

Managing Pain



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